Coinsquare announces one of the most scalable fintech referral programs in the world

The program will be one of few in the world to allow participants to Earn Bitcoin for Life™

Ahead of its European launch, Coinsquare, one of the world’s premier cryptocurrency trading platforms, announced the launch of its cryptocurrency referral program. Investors and everyday users alike can Earn Bitcoin for Life™ by referring users to Coinsquare’s platform. Unlike most referral programs which only reward advocates when a new user’s account is activated, Coinsquare’s program pays out each time the referred user completes an action, like funding their account, making a withdrawal, or completing a trade.

The referral program allows users to earn Bitcoin without having to trade cryptocurrency themselves.

“One of the biggest obstacles to cryptocurrency being mainstream is that people don’t know how to earn it; our program allows all people to build a passive income stream just by sharing a link and referring their friends and networks to Coinsquare,” said Thomas Jankowski, Chief Digital and Growth Officer of Coinsquare. “This is a huge step forward for anyone who wants to get involved in the cryptocurrency world, with very little effort or risk.”

As participants refer more users to Coinsquare, their commission percentage increases, earning up to 45% commission. Coinsquare expects to increase this rate over time. Referring participants is as easy as sharing a link online. This way, anyone with an internet connection can build a new source of income and easily get into cryptocurrencies.

“Referral programs have proven to be powerful ways for people to earn passive income, and now we’re proud that Coinsquare has launched the best fintech program in the world”, said Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare. “This program is really about empowering any person to build up income on the side. If they want to cash out and collect their money, they can. If they want to hold or trade their cryptocurrency, they can. We’re excited to help people on their paths towards financial independence, however they see fit.”

To learn more about Coinsquare’s referral program, visit

To learn more about Coinsquare, visit

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