Coinsquare Celebrates International Women’s Day

At Coinsquare, we believe in equality, diversity and inclusivity. In honor of International Women’s Day, we decided to donate 50% of all trading fee revenue generated between March 9th and March 15th to the Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Generosity comes in multiple forms, and this quarter we decided to give back to a foundation that we truly believe is impacting the lives of women and girls in Canada. The Canadian Women’s Foundation (CWF) addresses four main issues: gender-based violence, economic security, girl’s empowerment, and inclusive leadership. The CWF’s mission is to be a catalyst for the most innovative programs, policies, and public engagement efforts, creating transformative change in the lives of women and girls in Canada. 

We are thrilled to announce that Coinsquare will be donating $19,749 CAD to The Canadian Women’s Foundation.

Coinsquare is committed to giving back to the community in any form. Besides our trading fee campaign, Coinsquare was also a Community Sponsor for Elle Hacks this year, which is Canada’s largest all-female and non-binary individual hackathon. Additionally, we sent the Coinsquad to attend DevTO’s  6th annual International Women’s Day Talk. This event featured six incredible female speakers sharing their stories about working in the Technology Industry in Toronto. Our beliefs are the foundation for what we do, so because of this, it’s important for us at Coinsquare to seek out opportunities to enhance equality, diversity and inclusivity.

Crypto and Women

It’s no secret that the current financial system leaves many people behind. In parts of the world restrictive laws, gender bias, and accessibility are all barriers for women’s access to financial services.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology  are both intended to be “equalizers”, levelling  the playing field through decentralization and ease of access. The equalizing effect can help empower women by breaking down barriers to financial inclusion. We asked women at Coinsquare what their thoughts were on the current financial system, cryptocurrency-driven empowerment, , and the impact crypto can have for money. The results we found were that women are compelled by the connection between their own financial independence and the role cryptocurrency and blockchain technology can play in that connection.

Watch the video to find out how crypto empowers the women at Coinsquare:

How Financial Inclusion Benefits Everyone

The changes brought from facilitating financial inclusion for all is beneficial for everyone. This boosts the general output of the global economy.

For example, a report by BNY Mellon and the UN foundation, Powering Potential, found that by including more women in retail banking, an additional $40 billion in global revenue could be generated. Another example provided by BNY found that by giving more life insurance access to women, $290 billion in global revenue could be generated. 

The solution is simple, increasing women’s access to financial services and products will help transform the lives of women all around the world and unlock billions of dollars in global revenue and potential market opportunities. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology help provide women with more financial independence and economic empowerment, which is the key to greater gender equality.

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