Coinsquare’s commitment to transparency and risk management 

Coinsquare is Canada’s first registered crypto IIROC investment dealer and marketplace member. Canadians now have the opportunity to invest in crypto, knowing that they benefit from the high level of operational compliance and business conduct required of IIROC dealers and the protections afforded to clients of traditional regulated IIROC dealers. Our regulatory status means you can count on the same high standards that you have come to expect from any IIROC-regulated dealer, regardless of unpredictable market conditions.

Coinsquare has implemented robust protocols, safeguards, and industry-leading security technology, and we continue to protect your assets and ensure their availability regardless of market volatility. For transparency, let us walk you through why your assets are in safe hands despite what may be going on in the market:

  • Coinsquare is Canada’s first IIROC-regulated crypto marketplace. Being regulated by IIROC requires that we have strong financial and operational controls, including insurance coverage, regular financial reporting, and maintenance of adequate capital to ensure the stable operation of our business.
  •  Compliance oversight and review: Coinsquare’s business conduct, supervisory processes, employee proficiency, internal governance, and trading activity are monitored and are subject to routine regulatory examinations.
  •  Coinsquare does not lend out or re-hypothecate our client’s assets. Client assets are segregated and held 1:1, fully reserved in cold storage. Client assets are not exposed to third party liquidity providers. Coinsquare uses its own assets to facilitate trades on behalf of our users.
  •  In accordance with our terms of use, your digital assets are held for you in trust, which means that you retain legal title to your assets, and they would not be subject to the claims of our creditors in the unlikely event of Coinsquare insolvencyFurthermore, any cash (not crypto assets) held in client accounts is insured against platform insolvency by the Canadian Investment Protection Fund (CIPF). 
  •  All client digital assets are held in cold storage at external, licensed trust companies that are approved, independently regulated digital asset custodians (Coinbase Custody and Tetra Trust Company). Tetra Trust and Coinbase Custody, alongside our hot wallet provider Fireblocks, offer a combined $470M in insurance for customer assets.

We will continue to prioritize the security of your assets and hold ourselves accountable to our valued customers. Please contact us if you have questions about any of the information on this topic.

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