ETH Funding Addresses Have Returned to Coinsquare

Ethereum Funding Addresses Have Returned to Coinsquare

Coinsquare is excited to announce the return of ETH Funding Addresses. This means you can now fund your account with any of the coins that Coinsquare has on its platform. It’s all part of our ongoing efforts to provide a seamless, high-quality digital currency buying and trading experience.

Apart from simple, direct transfers of ETH to your deposit address, you can also fund via mining to your deposit address or via smart contract executions. Additionally, funding to Coinsquare’s ETH deposit addresses only require the minimum amount of gas required by the Ethereum network. Check out the Ethereum Price (CAD) charts for information on ETH’s movement – price charts also include BTC, LTC, Doge, and more. 

Saving users time and money

Having the opportunity to fund your account directly with ETH means that you don’t have to convert to any other coin or fiat currency (CAD or USD) first. This will save you time and money, because you won’t have to pay any trading fees, which means you get your account balance faster and can hold, sell, or trade your position more quickly and more efficiently.

When it comes to buying or trading on Coinsquare using ETH, you can also take advantage of our Quick Trade feature.

The most comprehensive ETH funding features

If you want to fund with ETH, you can get your ETH address directly by logging into your Coinsquare account, navigating to the funding section, selecting Ethereum, and clicking “Get Address”. However, there’s so much more we’ve enabled.

Harder to make a mistake

Upon seeing your address, you’ll notice the case of the letters vary. These are called “checksum addresses” because most Ethereum wallets and exchanges are able to detect if you’ve made a typo, or copy and pasted incorrectly, based on the letters that are capitalized.

Not only does that add some protection from mistakes, but the good news is, even if your wallet or exchange doesn’t support this type of check, it just ignores the cases and operates normally anyway.

Fund by mining

If you mine ETH or your own, or as part of a mining pool, you can set your Coinsquare deposit address as your coinbase, and any ETH mining proceeds will be immediately detected by Coinsquare. For those of you who are advanced on the topic of Ethereum mining, we will even detect uncle mining rewards!

Smart contracts

If a transfer of ETH to your Coinsquare deposit address occurs via a smart contract, even if its due to a chain of smart contract calls or several transfer events in a single transaction, Coinsquare will detect them all.

Additionally, you can even self destruct (kill) a smart contract, and point the smart contract’s remaining balance to your deposit address.

Transaction Costs

On the Ethereum blockchain, a transaction requires a certain amount of gas, which miners consume as a transaction fee. The minimum possible gas a valid Ethereum transaction can have is 21,000, and Coinsquare is proud to support that minimum for all deposits, and not a unit more, so you never have to worry about how much gas to attach, or if your exchange will attach enough on your behalf to facilitate the transfer to Coinsquare.

Quicker Deposits

After you’ve initiated your transfer of ETH to your deposit address, Coinsquare waits for an industry-low 24 block confirmations before funding your account, which means you’ll wait less time for your Coinsquare ETH balance to be reflected, and will be able to start trading quicker.

About Coinsquare

Coinsquare is one of the world’s premier digital currency platforms for the trading of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and other digital currencies. Coinsquare is FINTRAC-regulated as an MSB, has secured an exclusive relationship with one of Canada’s “Big 5” banks, and has completed a comprehensive three-year financial audit. Coinsquare remains focused on transparency, risk mitigation, and building a regulated and safe environment for the trading of digital currencies. We are on a mission to grow into a multi-faceted financial services company anchored in blockchain technology.

If you want to join the Coinsquad, check out our careers page at

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  1. When is Monero7 coming?

    • Hey – thanks for the question! We always are looking into new coins to add to our platform, and when we have news we’ll make sure to let everyone know. Keep up with our blog and social media profiles to get information quickly on Coinsquare 🙂

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