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Giving back in support of our frontline heroes!

We are all facing unprecedented times.  You’ve likely heard that statement before, but it best summarizes how we are all doing our best to work through this global crisis. One thing that has stood out in these past months is the sense of community, compassion and humility that has been displayed by so many people around the world. 

Community is important, period.  For Coinsquare, it’s crucial that we continue to participate and help the community in whichever way we can.  One of the ways we can continue to help, is through ensuring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is accessible to frontline workers and the healthcare community. For this reason, Coinsquare is donating 50% of all trading fee revenue generated between May 25th and May 31st to Conquer COVID-19. In that time period, our users have helped us raise $15,060.41 and Coinsquare will be covering the difference to a reach a grand total of $20,000!

Conquer COVID-19 is a “grassroots, volunteer-driven organization that is facilitating access to priority products that are in short supply but essential for the healthcare community during the COVID-19 pandemic.” Conquer COVID-19 is comprised of physicians, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and other volunteers, who are working together to ensure frontline workers responsible for the health and wellbeing of Canadians have access to masks, gloves, and other supplies that are essential in treating patients and minimizing the spread of the virus. 

During a pandemic and any time there is an infectious hazard, it’s crucial that the proper safety equipment is worn by anyone interacting in the public.  PPE includes eye protection, isolation gowns, gloves, facemasks, N95 respirators, and other respiratory gear. For healthcare personnel and frontline workers, who have to navigate hundreds of sick patients and potentially infectious public, it’s even more important that they have access to enough PPE – something that has seen some supply issues over the past few months. Because of the supply issues that many cities have faced throughout the pandemic, it’s particularly important to donate to organizations like Conquer COVID-19. 

Coinsquare is hopeful that this social initiative – raising money for Conquer COVID-19 – will have as much success as our previous initiatives.  In March 2020, Coinsquare was able to raise nearly $20,000 for the Canadian Women’s Foundation in support of International Women’s Day. For Coinsquare, social responsibility and community participation is paramount. Imagine the difference that could be made for frontline workers if, as a group, we manage to raise a similar amount as we did for the CWF. 

If you want to find out more about how Coinsquare is balancing social responsibility while continuing to service our clients and customers, click here to see what Coinsquare CEO Cole Diamond has to say. 

If you wish to donate directly to Conquer COVID-19, click here. As there is no administration fee, 100% of every donation received will be allocated to the purchase of critical PPE and other supplies. Every contribution, regardless of size, will help save the life and help frontline workers. 

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