Coinsquare Named 2nd Most Sought-After and Fastest Growing Startup on LinkedIn Top Startups List

The cryptocurrency trading platform was also recognized by LinkedIn as Canada’s fastest growing startup Today Coinsquare, Canada’s premier cryptocurrency trading platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, was announced as the 2nd most sought-after company on LinkedIn’s 2018 list of Canada’s Top Startups. Based on LinkedIn’s proprietary data, Coinsquare was also recognized as the fastest growing startup on the list, experiencing employee base growth of over 92 per cent from July 2017 to June 2018. “Achievements like this would not be possible without a completely devoted team – one I’m incredibly proud to lead,” said Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare. “We take great pride in being a place that Canada’s top talent are excited

Coinsquare Announces Planned European Expansion

Today Coinsquare, Canada’s premier cryptocurrency trading platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, announced its planned expansion into the European market, set for Q4 2018. Customers across Europe will have access to Coinsquare’s entire suite of coins—Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Dogecoin, and Dash—all available with the safety and security that the trading platform has become known for in Canada. “Cryptocurrency investors globally want a platform they can trust,” said Thomas Jankowski, Chief Digital and Growth Officer of Coinsquare. “Coinsquare is a regulated, fully-compliant trading platform and we’re thrilled to offer the European market the same secure and intuitive interface that we offer to Canadians.” Founded

Coinsquare Expands Cryptocurrency Offering with XRP

The addition of XRP brings the total number of coin offerings on Coinsquare’s platform to 7. Today Coinsquare, Canada’s premier cryptocurrency trading platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency, announced the addition of XRP to its coin offerings. XRP is the first coin from global payment system Ripple. XRP is often celebrated for its transaction speed, with some XRP transactions settling in just a few seconds compared to several minutes with some other coins. “Coinsquare aims to offer convenient and safe access to the highest-quality cryptocurrencies through its platform,” said Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare. “XRP has been a highly requested asset which we

Coinsquare Launches Coin Capital Investment Management Inc. to Help Canadians Invest in Emerging Technology

Coincapital was recently granted OSC registration and partnered with STOXX to launch two indices that track companies focused on blockchain, AI, and other emerging technologies Today Coinsquare, Canada’s premier cryptocurrency trading platform for trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, announced the launch of its subsidiary Coin Capital Investment Management Inc (Coincapital) and registration of Coincapital by the OSC as an exempt market dealer, investment fund manager, and portfolio manager. This new division will offer a suite of investment products focused on emerging technologies including blockchain, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrencies. The division also recently signed a partnership with Deutsche Boerse Group’s index provider STOXX to launch

Coinsquare Welcomes Thomas Jankowski as Chief Digital and Growth Officer

Coinsquare, Canada’s premier digital currency trading platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies, announced today that Thomas Jankowski has joined the company as Chief Digital and Growth Officer. In this new role, Jankowski will be focused on driving Coinsquare’s mission: to educate Canadians about buying digital currencies and how Coinsquare makes it easy, safe, and accessible for consumers to do so online. “Thomas brings a wealth of knowledge to this new role from his impressive track record guiding growth-stage companies and established businesses through massive digital growth and international expansion,” said Cole Diamond, CEO of Coinsquare. “As Chief Digital and Growth Officer, Thomas will

Coinsquare Launches Coinsquare Licensing To Power Digital Currency Platforms Globally

The announcement includes a partnership with DLTα 21, a leading global blockchain investment bank, to launch a digital currency trading platform in Japan, powered by Coinsquare. TORONTO, July 10, 2018 /CNW/ – Coinsquare, Canada’s most secure digital currency trading platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other digital currencies, today announced the launch of Coinsquare Licensing, a division of Coinsquare that will enable domestic and international businesses to offer a digital currency trading solution powered by Coinsquare’s technology. In Canada, Coinsquare Licensing has partnered with businesses to offer an API solution that will allow for easy integration into new or existing applications, giving end users streamlined access to digital currency

Ethereum Funding Addresses Have Returned to Coinsquare

Coinsquare is excited to announce the return of ETH Funding Addresses. This means you can now fund your account with any of the coins that Coinsquare has on its platform. It’s all part of our ongoing efforts to provide a seamless, high-quality digital currency buying and trading experience. Apart from simple, direct transfers of ETH to your deposit address, you can also fund via mining to your deposit address or via smart contract executions. Additionally, funding to Coinsquare’s ETH deposit addresses only require the minimum amount of gas required by the Ethereum network. Check out the Ethereum Price (CAD) charts

Coinsquare Joins Women in Capital Markets as an Affiliate Member

Coinsquare is happy to announce that we’ve joined the Women in Capital Markets Canada network as an Affiliate Member. Re-affirming our comment to diversity and inclusion, and building up a robust capital markets offering, working with Women in Capital Markets is another step on our journey to building a 21st century financial institution powered by blockchain. Building a world class culture Our culture is all about transparency, getting to action, and continuously learning. We’re a fast-growing team and are working hard to make sure that everyone feels part of the “Coinsquad”. We are proud to welcome @Coinsquare to the WCM

Updating Our iOS and Android App to Make it Easier to Earn Rewards

We’re excited to say that we’ve released some major updates to both Coinsquare iOS and Android apps to increase both usability and functionality – and make it easier for you to earn rewards through Coinsquare. This is just one more step on our journey to building the best app possible for buying and trading digital currencies. Making it easier to earn rewards on Coinsquare Among other updates to help the app work more smoothly, we added the ability to use our referral program natively from within the app. Inside the applications from the Settings tab, you will see a beautiful

Coinsquare Advanced Trade Updates Makes Complex Trades Easier

When it comes to trading, we heard your feedback that you wanted a seamless experience for more advanced trades. That’s why we’re happy to launch the revamped the Coinsquare Advanced Trade feature on our trading platform. Making advanced trading easier The new update to the Coinsquare Advanced Trade inverted the original currency pairings. Now, pairing allows you to put your orders in with CAD limit pricing. This offers a cleaner experience for users who don’t want to have to calculate small BTC fractions to get to their desired CAD amount.   An update for experienced traders As a reminder, the